Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago: Lee is Dewyze choice!

Yes! Lee wins the American Idol season 9.

He is my bet but before Ryan Seacrest announced the winner, I was somewhat not sure that he’s going to win because last Wednesday, his three performances was just like so – so performance unlike Crystal who gave it all. Crystal was really good and I think better than Lee but he still won the competition. Maybe he is really charming that made him the crowd favorite of the Americans.

Here are some videos of his performances.

One of my favorites is his Still The One version although this is not one of his best performances but it echoes in my ear and maybe I find this beautiful for a man to sing a song by Shania Twain.

Another performance but this time it is a duet of Lee and Crystal.

Sorry if I haven’t visited your blog due to my failed internet connection grrrr… I’m just using Globe Broadband (USB) and if the weather is not good especially raining or cloudy it really does not work. I can’t also fully use my phone because it can’t load big web page sizes just like blue’s and ish’s…I was planning to post this entry last Thursday but due to the bad weather...aun...


Bryan said...

First to comment..
Lee rocks thats why he became the crowd favorite,
Sinu kaya papalit kay simon

nicxter said...

oo nga eh sino kaya???excited for the next season...

Bryan said...

Kukuha p kea cla ng ganung judge?
Sarap n naman ng net s cp,
Blis n naman

nicxter said...

Feeling ko parang hindi pero feeling ko rin oo kukuha sila ng new judge..

Kau?what you think?

stevevhan said...

Bakit yung video hindi mo i-adjust? malaki masyado sa template mo.

Anyways my bet is crystal. Although i don't watch this season of AI, as i've seen on commercials lee ( i think) sings just like David Cook and somehow Adam Lambert, i think it'll be better if crystal won to have a "New Face and Taste" in AI atmosphere.

I also like the "youre still the one"---i know, you knew it but i think i have to say!. haha. This song also sings in my head!, just like ace do!. LSS!.

"Youre still the one that i run.... the only one two!" haha.

[ k r y k ] said...

AI will never be the same without simon. :(

anyway, congrats to Lee. :)
though si Andrew lang talaga ang gusto ko sa AI season 9. haha Ü

Grysh said...

I vote for Crystal :D

I hate that Simon is leaving :(

bluedreamer27 said...

sayang.. my bet is crystal.. though Lee is also a great singer..

bluedreamer27 said...

hi nicx..
just visiting you here

have a great dya and happy blogging
salamat sa mga bisita

Gail said...

Yes, Lee is awesome! :) He's my bet too.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Weeh! Congrats. Your bet wins. Ako naman eh hindi nakakapanood ng American Idol kaya wala akong alam.

Salamat pala sa pagbisita sa blog ko.

Anney said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I was not able to follow season 9 at medyo naging busy. Minsan nag da download na lang ako para mapanood.