Monday, May 17, 2010

Beyond Baguio

We have known Baguio as the summer capital of the Philippines, pine city, and today, it is even called the honeymoon capital of the country. The wind that touches you is very soothing, calm, and brings peace of mind that takes away uneasiness and makes you forget (for a while) the polluted and busy streets of the city. Despite of the new developments nature issues, Baguio is still beautiful. Here are some photos that I want to share with you taken during my one day trip in Baguio.

If you’re coming from Manila, it would take 5 – 6 hours of travel. There are five main roads you can take to make it up to Baguio depending on where you’re coming from – Marcos highway (forgot the new name), Kennon road (got its name from one of the successful architects that made this road possible), and three other that I’m not familiar to (tell me if you know).

Knocking on neighbor’s door

Here is a side trip to La Trinidad, Benguet where we can find lots lots of strawberries! Welcome to Strawberry Farm! Not only can you see fields of strawberries also different vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower. Strawberry Farm is located near Benguet State University (BSU). By the way, if you want to spend overnight or days in Baguio, and looking for affordable rooms, you can go to BSU after all it’s just near the boundaries, they’re offering their dorm in a low price. If I’m not mistaken, the charge per person is Php 150. Back to the farm, you can buy newly picked strawberries from the vendors or you yourself can pick it fresh on the farm but the case is, the price is doubled. You can also find there many stores selling souvenirs, pasalubongs, fruits, flowers, and if you want mamalengke ng vegetables. You can also taste taho with strawberry flavor. Try to have a side trip to the farm.

Can you see the strawberries?

Back to Baguio

Time is really running so fast and in order to cope up, one needs innovation just like Baguio, unlike before all you can see is green, virgin forests and mountains. Now many houses, establishments are built around the boondocks yet Baguio’s pride is still preserved.

This is the Grotto of Lourdes. Before you can reach the altar, you have to take 200 plus steps.  Just remember, be careful with your steps. Up there, is the beautiful altar and a very nice scenery of the city. Actually, it is quite tiring for the lower body and you will gasp for air especially if you don’t exercise regularly and if you reach the golden age so, before you take your steps be ready enough and be positive. A little sacrifice would do and just enjoy what you will see along the way.

This one is taken inside the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) premises. I think this house is one of the officer’s.
There is a museum inside the premises even displays of helicopters and tanks but I wasn’t able to go there.

The flowers of Baguio.

A one – day trip is really not enough to take a round to Baguio. There are many other tourist spots like The Mansion, the president’s home in Baguio just near PMA, Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, and etc. Next time you go to Baguio, make sure that it’s all worth it. Visit all places.

Pasalubong, pasalubong, pasalubong

Food trip is the best part. ^^ Located at the Mines View Park is the Good Shepherd Convent. If you really want quality taste you better go here.

Tourists are not only after the strawberries or the strawberry jam, here, ube jam is making a name. And I’m telling you, it really tastes good! I bet you.

Strawberry and Ube jam
Another favorite, the lengua de gato.
From the strawberry farm, they’re selling Sagada oranges and small apples and these are really sweet.
The vegetables of Baguio.
The famous broom but according to Jessica Soho’s tv show, these brooms are originally made from La Union.

Let us preserve what we have. Even Baguio experiences drought and climate change. If we want to help Mother Earth, we should start within ourselves.


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Bryan said...

Sarap naman,kaka-takam ung fud!
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nicxter said...

Haha tnx bryan...di naman masyado malamig dun madaling araw lang...apektado talaga ng climate change...

Grysh said...

I've been to Baguio a couple of times and I really miss it. It was so called there and I sooo love their strawberries. Hope to go back to that place again :)

nicxter said...

Wow hello grysh! Yup strawberries there are yummy..tnx 4 visiting!

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Cheers bro! Ang ganda ng blog post mo na ito.

Maganda daw talaga ang Baguio at hindi pa ako nakakapunta dun. Di bale, one of these days ay makakapunta rin ako dun and your post will serve as a good guide for me.

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Yup follower m0 na me...tnx..

Mariel said...

Nakakainggit ka naman! I want to go to Baguio someday... looks yummy jams aaah I'm craving right now for some strawberry taste. Ang sarap siguro tumira sa baguio ang sarap ng hangin and ang ganda ganda ng paligid. Cool post btw, details are very clear :) Godbless!

bluedreamer27 said...

wow.. namiss ko tuloy ang pagpunta sa Baguio ,... hayst.... sana kasi puro bakasyon na lang haha para may time mamasyal

nicxter said...

Hello...yup mukang masarap tumira sa baguio... God bless din!

siguro dapat ung trabaho na puro pasyal ang ginagawa...may trabaho ka na nakapamasyal ka pa..hehe

stevevhan said...

Haha, never been to Baguio. I know that this place has lots-a-lots to offer. Someday i'll go there and eat lots of strawberries, stroll, sleep and live an almost-king life!:)

[ k r y k ] said...

my mom when to benguet before at inggit talaga ako! haha :D

gusto kong pumunta talaga ng baguio
waaaa! :D masarap ang strawberry wine hehe! <3

Phoebe R said...

Baguio! Havent been there in a while. the ube jam is way awesome! Pinapapak ko lang yun whenever we have here. plus, i think u forgot about Baguio's hella cheap ukay! haha

bluedreamer27 said...

haha sinabi mo pa... kaso mahirap din laging nagttravel kpgod din haha

Bryan said...

Kht mejo afectd n ng warming ang bagio
Madme p dn ang pedeng mpuntahan
Kht my npabyaang mga sp0ts there
Stil mer0n p dng msarap puntahn dun
Speaking of npabyaang sp0t d lahat ay pngt n n sp0t
Best example dun ng
Mga ganun sp0t pero dndayo
Ung mga haunted house dun
Db..kht mga creepy
Stil mdme p dng pumpunta para mga gh0st hunt...
Mejo alarming ang pgdmi ng tao s bagio kea d maiwasang thng to do is ung people mism0 ung mgalaga ng lugar kce cla mism0 ung natives
N nkatira dun una clang maapekt0han..

bluedreamer27 said...

hi nicxter.. just visiting you here
have a great day and happy blogging

nicxter said...

tama! sikat ang mga haunted places dun...