Saturday, May 8, 2010

Only One Love

Last December 25, 2008, me, my mother and aunt, attended the Christmas mass here in the parish church near our home. The sermon is all about "Only One Love". The parish priest told us his story. He attended a mass after his throat operation and he was very sleepy at that moment but he noticed the words only one love flashed on the white screen. He then played the words. He figured out that whatever the placement of the words would be, it would only pertain to one meaning - there is only one love inside of us, there should be faith to Him and to our loved ones, there should be trust. And there is Someone who loves us all throughout our lives and that Someone is God. An unconditional kind of love is what He gives to us.
Let us play the words.
Only One Love
  • Love One Only
  • Only Love One
  • One Only Love
  • One Love Only
  • Love Only One
See? From those three words, we formed many phrases that give us meanings. Now, we should remember that we should offer our love freely to Him and remember, we should be faithful to the one we only love.


[ k r y k ] said...

wow! thanks for sharing this. :D

i keep reading

# Love One Only
# Only Love One
# One Only Love
# One Love Only
# Love Only One

astig! :))

God is really great.

stevevhan said...

ay, kabog!haha. Cute post nicxter. I never heared you before saying words about Him!. I am surprised.

Hmm.....happy blogging and congrats to your new layout!

bluedreamer27 said...

wow astig naman yun... oo nga no... ishashare ko ito sa mga friends ko sa vhurch.. they will sure love this!

bluedreamer27 said...

have a great day and happy blogging!

nicxter said...

Thanks to all!!

----[ k r y k ]----
yup. God is really great.

kabog ba?hehe


bluedreamer27 said...

thanks for the visits nicxter

nicxter said...

Love one only...
Love only one person..
Thank god for all the love that he gaven to us..

Joyce said...

Very true. :) I got the same thought when I first read it. <3 No matter what position. :)

Bryan said...

Hey...ayan sinunod ko payo mu...^^
meron na din akong blog...oye

Bryan said...

Tnx s pg-visit s blog ko..elp mu q ah..mejo bgo skn b niding sum guidance..

nicxter said...

Ok go! Tnx..