Monday, June 28, 2010

First two weeks of school or stress?

I’ve been away from blogging for two weeks. School made me busy – assignments, projects, and the one that brought me stress, one report. Whew! This single report had a lot of preparations. Hard copy of the topic should be distributed to my classmates, there should be presentation/visual aid, formal attire was required, and I must memorize the flow of the whole report which means, looking at your own copy should be avoided. Where’s the stress? I’m the first reporter (but I think it’s always better to be the first) and I can’t have a chance to report again for the whole semester plus our instructor has high standards and another plus, principles of communication (subject) is one of our majors.

So how’s my report??? Well, I DON’T KNOW!! For me it was just an average performance. I knew the flow of the report and I knew what was my report all about but for me I had not delivered it so well. Am I just pessimistic? The last two questions in the Q & A portion somewhat broke my concentration. I found it hard to answer the questions because I’m not sure of the answer. I don’t know what grade my classmates and the instructor gave me but the most important question was: Did they learn?

Anyway, the report was over last Friday and it was a relief but I can still feel some stress.

Basta, I’m back, I’m back, I’m back!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Clash between Man and Machine

Many movies today even T.V. series feature science fiction films especially about robots. One thing is for sure, these robots fight for human existence according to what "it" is programmed and believes. It might serve as good soldiers for us or it might serve as life destroyer. Digital age has come and man's realization of his dreams has started. Robotics is the most ambitious dream of every inventor. Who would have thought that 18th century's simple machines could take our figure and even do our tasks?

We always look forward for a better future. We continually seek for good benefits but sometimes, we take it for granted and don't dare to foresee the bad effects that technology will bring. Actually, these bad effects have already happened. We tend to depend more on technology and forget how things usually work manually. This one is already a big effect and problem, so as, what more if technology is twice advanced than today's and new machines or robots are invented? Technology might be a good medium to get wealthy but I don't think its products will. Now, if you're thinking that there would still be jobs that need manual work like machine operating, electronic components designing and making, then employees must still be qualified or not just an undergraduate.

Let us just wish (we should make ways not just wish) that one day, we will be as prosperous and true rulers of this world as the people we see on technology - inspired films but still have our human nature preserved.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Carabao Kneels

Welcome to Carabao Festival! Last May 14, we went to Pulilan, Bulacan to visit my uncle and to witness again the Carabao Festival. It is a three day feast. I don’t know much of the history why they celebrate Carabao Festival but sure thing is the carabaos are the stars.

Aside from the parade of the carabaos, our uncle joined the contest of making a bahay kubo (nipa hut) in front of their home. The three winners will receive cash prize of Php 15,000, Php 10,000, and Php 5,000. We were surprised because the bahay kubo was really beautiful and you can see that lots of effort was done. My uncle was even interviewed by ABS – CBN. We just don’t know what its place was but we were sure that it was a winner.

Around 2:00 pm when the parade started. It was really hot outside but we don’t care. There were street bands marching coming from different barangays and schools in Pulilan and even one from Pasay. There were also street dances but I wasn’t able to get photos of them because they didn’t stop on the spot where we are. Too bad. There was also a street dance from Pampanga in relation with the Ebon Festival. They were really like flying with the wind; they were too energetic and colorful.

Let me share some photos that I had.
My pamangkins...this is a part of the nipa hut...a baby carabao was born.

Another scenery outside the nipa hut. Carabaos are mainly used in farms.

Look there's a dalagambukid. XP

The nipa hut.


Here comes the star.

Jollibee is not a carabao..???right...??XP

Sosyalitang pig nakapayong pa.

It's really hard to take a fast shot at this carabao.

Shaved carabao. Nice design.

More carabaos.

Good thing was there were no carabaos that got high blood and went angry and crazy unlike last year where there were reported casualties.

I don’t know if there are also carabaos around the country which can kneel or walk while kneeling like Pulilan’s. Next year, try to see the Carabao Festival. X)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago: Lee is Dewyze choice!

Yes! Lee wins the American Idol season 9.

He is my bet but before Ryan Seacrest announced the winner, I was somewhat not sure that he’s going to win because last Wednesday, his three performances was just like so – so performance unlike Crystal who gave it all. Crystal was really good and I think better than Lee but he still won the competition. Maybe he is really charming that made him the crowd favorite of the Americans.

Here are some videos of his performances.

One of my favorites is his Still The One version although this is not one of his best performances but it echoes in my ear and maybe I find this beautiful for a man to sing a song by Shania Twain.

Another performance but this time it is a duet of Lee and Crystal.

Sorry if I haven’t visited your blog due to my failed internet connection grrrr… I’m just using Globe Broadband (USB) and if the weather is not good especially raining or cloudy it really does not work. I can’t also fully use my phone because it can’t load big web page sizes just like blue’s and ish’s…I was planning to post this entry last Thursday but due to the bad weather...aun...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beyond Baguio

We have known Baguio as the summer capital of the Philippines, pine city, and today, it is even called the honeymoon capital of the country. The wind that touches you is very soothing, calm, and brings peace of mind that takes away uneasiness and makes you forget (for a while) the polluted and busy streets of the city. Despite of the new developments nature issues, Baguio is still beautiful. Here are some photos that I want to share with you taken during my one day trip in Baguio.

If you’re coming from Manila, it would take 5 – 6 hours of travel. There are five main roads you can take to make it up to Baguio depending on where you’re coming from – Marcos highway (forgot the new name), Kennon road (got its name from one of the successful architects that made this road possible), and three other that I’m not familiar to (tell me if you know).

Knocking on neighbor’s door

Here is a side trip to La Trinidad, Benguet where we can find lots lots of strawberries! Welcome to Strawberry Farm! Not only can you see fields of strawberries also different vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower. Strawberry Farm is located near Benguet State University (BSU). By the way, if you want to spend overnight or days in Baguio, and looking for affordable rooms, you can go to BSU after all it’s just near the boundaries, they’re offering their dorm in a low price. If I’m not mistaken, the charge per person is Php 150. Back to the farm, you can buy newly picked strawberries from the vendors or you yourself can pick it fresh on the farm but the case is, the price is doubled. You can also find there many stores selling souvenirs, pasalubongs, fruits, flowers, and if you want mamalengke ng vegetables. You can also taste taho with strawberry flavor. Try to have a side trip to the farm.

Can you see the strawberries?

Back to Baguio

Time is really running so fast and in order to cope up, one needs innovation just like Baguio, unlike before all you can see is green, virgin forests and mountains. Now many houses, establishments are built around the boondocks yet Baguio’s pride is still preserved.

This is the Grotto of Lourdes. Before you can reach the altar, you have to take 200 plus steps.  Just remember, be careful with your steps. Up there, is the beautiful altar and a very nice scenery of the city. Actually, it is quite tiring for the lower body and you will gasp for air especially if you don’t exercise regularly and if you reach the golden age so, before you take your steps be ready enough and be positive. A little sacrifice would do and just enjoy what you will see along the way.

This one is taken inside the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) premises. I think this house is one of the officer’s.
There is a museum inside the premises even displays of helicopters and tanks but I wasn’t able to go there.

The flowers of Baguio.

A one – day trip is really not enough to take a round to Baguio. There are many other tourist spots like The Mansion, the president’s home in Baguio just near PMA, Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, and etc. Next time you go to Baguio, make sure that it’s all worth it. Visit all places.

Pasalubong, pasalubong, pasalubong

Food trip is the best part. ^^ Located at the Mines View Park is the Good Shepherd Convent. If you really want quality taste you better go here.

Tourists are not only after the strawberries or the strawberry jam, here, ube jam is making a name. And I’m telling you, it really tastes good! I bet you.

Strawberry and Ube jam
Another favorite, the lengua de gato.
From the strawberry farm, they’re selling Sagada oranges and small apples and these are really sweet.
The vegetables of Baguio.
The famous broom but according to Jessica Soho’s tv show, these brooms are originally made from La Union.

Let us preserve what we have. Even Baguio experiences drought and climate change. If we want to help Mother Earth, we should start within ourselves.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Only One Love

Last December 25, 2008, me, my mother and aunt, attended the Christmas mass here in the parish church near our home. The sermon is all about "Only One Love". The parish priest told us his story. He attended a mass after his throat operation and he was very sleepy at that moment but he noticed the words only one love flashed on the white screen. He then played the words. He figured out that whatever the placement of the words would be, it would only pertain to one meaning - there is only one love inside of us, there should be faith to Him and to our loved ones, there should be trust. And there is Someone who loves us all throughout our lives and that Someone is God. An unconditional kind of love is what He gives to us.
Let us play the words.
Only One Love
  • Love One Only
  • Only Love One
  • One Only Love
  • One Love Only
  • Love Only One
See? From those three words, we formed many phrases that give us meanings. Now, we should remember that we should offer our love freely to Him and remember, we should be faithful to the one we only love.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sa darating na eleksyon...

I composed this essay when I was in fourth year high school. I'm going to make its english version soon.

Krisis sa ekonomiya, buwan – buwang pagtataas ng presyo ng gasoline at mga bilihin, patuloy na pagkasadlak ng ating mga kababayan sa namamayagpag na kahirapan, unti – unting pagbaba ng literacy rate ng mga Pilipino – ito ang mga epekto ng hidwaan sa pulitika sa kaunlaran ng ating bansa. Sa katunayan, iilan lang ang mga nabanggit, marami pang epekto ang nararanasan ng ating bansa.

Bakit ba nagkakaroon ng hidwaan sa pulitika? Dahil ba hindi magkasundo ang ating mga pulitiko pagdating sa mga mabibigat na usapin? Dahil ba may malalim na pinag – ugatan at dinadala at dinadamay pa pati sa kanilang pulitikal na trabaho? Binoto sila ng mga mamamayan dahil naniniwala ang mga tao na ang mga pulitikong ito ang siyang tutupad at lulutas sa mga pangarap at problema ng bayan. Ngunit, ano itong mga pangyayari na laman ng mga tabloid at broadsheet araw – araw o ng 24 Oras at TV Patrol? Bangayan dito, bangayan doon. Ano ba ang saysay ng pakikipag – away? Siguradong mas magandang tingnan kung lahat ng mga pulitiko natin ay nagtutulungan at nagkakaisa baka ngayon sana “Developed Country” na ang tawag sa atin at hindi “Developing Country”.

Dahil sa patuloy na hidwaan ng ating mga pulitiko, mas nauuna pa ang kanilang pakikipag – baliktaktakan kaysa kanilang mga tungkulin. Hindi na tuloy nabibigyan pansin ang mga nangangailangang mamamayan. Patuloy na dumarami ang mga naghihirap – ang isang naghihirap na pamilya ay minsan lang kumain sa isang araw kaya nagiging dahilan para maghirap naman sila sa kalusugan. Ang mga walang maayos na trabaho naman, hindi magawang masustentuhan ang mga pangangailangan, hindi maipag – aral ang anak sa maayos sa paaralan na ugat din ng pagbaba ng literacy rate ng mga kabataan. Dahil sa isang problema ay pinagmumulan din ng isa pang problema. Hindi siguro ito lingid sa ating mga may kapangyarihan ngunit ayaw kong sabihing na nagbubulag – bulagan at nagbibingi – bingihan sila. Malaki talaga ang epekto ng kanilang hidwaan sa kaunlaran ng ating bansa.

Maraming issues ang komunidad – mga kaso ng mga kapwa nila pulitiko, mga gustong pabagsakin ang kapwa nila pulitiko ngunit mas marami at mas mahahalaga pang issues ang dapat nilulutas. Ang mga sariling kapakanan ay dapat isantabi muna. Nakarating sila sa kanilang mga posisyon ngayon dahil sa mga boto nating mamamayan. Ang posisyon nilang iyon ay dapat ginagamit sa tama at hindi para makipagyabangan. Kanino ba sila nagyayabang? Sa mga kapwa nila pulitiko? O mismong sa mga mamamayan? Para ano? Mas lalong ipakita kung gaano kalayo ang agwat ng mga mayayaman at mahihirap?

Ako ay isa lamang kabataan ngunit sana ang tinig ko ay mapakinggan. Marami pang katulad ko na gustong matigil ang ganito. Ngayong 2010, legal na akong bumoto sa nalalapit na eleksyon. Panalangin ko sa Kanya, sana tama ang iboboto ko. Sana siya na nga ang hinihintay ko at ng lahat ng mga Pilipino. Ang kapangyarihan nating bumoto ay gamiting mabuti dahil talaga namang MAY MAGAGAWA TAYO kung kaya ngayon palang, ang nararapat ay SIMULAN NATIN!