Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Divine Mercy and The Parade of Saints (Prusisyon)

Finally, I am into blogging again! It has been two years that I wasn’t able to write something on my blog. Well, it is vacation, as for now, so I’m free to blog, blog, blog. I really missed writing and I kind of worry because I may not be able to share something wonderful and creative.

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I just wanted to share with you one church here in Bulacan which I consider very beautiful. Every Maundy Thursday we always go at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Sta. Rosa I, Marilao, Bulacan. Many Catholics come here from different places just like last April 5, as my family and I went to the church, we saw groups of bikers from Navotas Chapter as what their shirts indicate. There were also buses and families and friends who walked from their homes.

The giant sunflower
We came there at 6 a.m. The wind was very soothing. Up in the sky, birds flew. There are many developments done in the area. This area is the third level and is now covered. This is an alternative venue for a mass. Why is there a giant sunflower? I don’t really know its essence for the church but I guess a sunflower symbolizes the sun itself which gives us light – maybe a symbol for enlightenment even hope.

Around this covered area are the Stations of the Cross. You really have to walk to get to the next station and for the women, it is good to wear flats. This is the only picture I took after we finished the Station of the Cross.

Station XIV

Up to the second level is another venue for a mass. On its side is a replica (sort of) of the Lourdes Cave. People bring water containers and fill it with water after all, it is free and very refreshing. As I can remember, the water from the real Lourdes Cave is said to be miraculous (please correct me if I am wrong).

The line before the entrance

Inside the grotto

Footprint as if Jesus had walked inside

People wait for their turn to fill up their water container
There are other attractions inside the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy such as the Little Poland, a replica of Pope John Paul II’s home in Poland, souvenir shops, and chapel/s where you can solemnly pray.

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Bulacan is also known for its prusisyon that tells the story of Jesus's sacrifice. Every Holy Week, we join this parade of 45 life size statues and light our candles in the town of Meycauayan. Here are some pictures of the 'karo ng mga santo'. Before the prusisyon started, there was an assembly of the statues.

Ang Panalangin ni Jesus sa Halamanan ng Getsmani

Ang Pagdakip Kay Jesus

Ang Paghaharap ni Jesus Kay Herodes
Ang Paghaharap ni Jesus Kay Herodes (front view)

As the parade started, San Pedro is first in line

All statues are very fascinating and their clothing is well prepared. But, it's not the appearance that we should look at rather the essence why such event is done and this is to remember that Jesus sacrificed for us.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Welcome back Nicxter. Sobrang tagal na. :-)

You have a good post here. Hindi pa ako nakabisita ng Bulacan kaya wala pa akong kahit anong blog post tungkol sa probinsya na iyon.

It is good that you shared the Holy Week festivities sa lugar ninyo.

Keep blogging.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

'Yung sunflower sa bubong eh panlaban sa mga zombies. Alam mo na, Plants VS Zombies. ^_^

[ k r y k ] said...

Hello Nicxter! kyahaha ~~
welcome back to blogging again. Lols. ^__^

and thanks for sharing those photos!

I wasn't able to update during holyweek. kkk~ though i have some photos too.
pero i guess mas maganda mga capture mo lol. :>
mine is kinda fail since nasa terrace ako habang nakuha. :))

was the parade solemn?
actually, sa amin kase ayyy nakooo. T_T
feeling ko sumasama lang yung iba kase trip nila.
not even praying the rosary but merely talking with their friends T___T

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